Walter Weikel

Senior Minister of First United Methodist Church, Morristown

I am truly a child of the Holston Conference of the United Methodist Church. My father served as a minister throughout the Conference. My mother comes from a family of ministers as well. My wife Lisa and I attended Emory & Henry College. While I was in graduate school at the University of Tennessee, I received my call into ministry. Next, Lisa and I went to Atlanta, where I attended the Candler School of Theology at Emory University. We are the proud parents of three sons: Jackson, Mark and Sam.

We are so excited to be in Morristown. I’ve always had a bias toward downtown churches in county-seat towns. For me, this is the context where I feel I can make the most difference. We feel incredibly blessed to find a place like this.

If I were to describe my hero in ministry, it would probably be the biblical character Barnabas. His name could be translated: “Son of Encouragement”. I hope that is the way people will experience me. I think I have become a better listener through the years. People have told me that I am open to feedback. I do not tend to get my feelings hurt easily because I assume people are trying to help me grow and understand the situation better.

Lisa and I love riding our bicycles. We are extremely excited to be living so near Panther Creek State Park and the Smoky Mountains. We look forward to many years of hiking and rowing on the lake.

I am grateful for this opportunity to serve. I can’t wait for us to take this journey of faith together.

God bless,

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