Our goal as FUMC’s International Missions Team is to glorify God through our service in His Kingdom by supporting and reaching out to the nations. To come alongside our brothers and sisters in Christ all over the world and support them through prayer, finances, supplies, and short-term trips. To witness to those who do not know Christ and to tell them the good news. To go and make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:19).

Our prayer is that people all over the world will know Christ intimately and that we are able to show them His love through our words and actions. We pray for listening ears to know where God is sending us. We ask protection over our teams and their efforts to lead others to Him. We pray for the support of FUMC Morristown through prayers, finances, supplies, and people willing to go.

      • BULGARIA. We have taken several mission trips to Bulgaria in the past.  Due to the unrest in their country, those trips have been put on hold. Our prayer is to tangibly show the orphans how much Jesus loves them and that they see us as the Body of Christ.

      • ESTONIA. In 1993, we began a sister church relationship with Aseri UMC in Aseri, Estonia. We take two offerings (Christmas and Easter) to support the ministry of their church. We will seek to make the ties between the Aseri congregation and our congregation stronger. Our prayer is that Church Aseri is a light into the village of Aseri, Estonia, and that they are able to show people how much Jesus loves them. We pray also that their vision for an afterschool program becomes a reality and that all their needs for this program are provided.