Adult Sunday School Groups | 9:15 AM

ADHD (Adult Disciples of Higher Devotion) (Youth City/upstairs) Younger Adults who have Bible based lessons with an interactive format. A mix of marrieds, singles, and folks with and without kids.

ANITA SCOTT (Room 115) Men and women who use the Adult Bible Studies materials, hold quarterly socials and engage in several outreach projects.

CLYDE WATKINS (Room 114) Teaching includes Adult Bible Studies and other materials. They have quarterly socials and engage in several outreach projects. Crusaders (Cornerstone) Singles and couples aged 45+ who use different biblically based materials. They have regular social events and engage in several outreach projects.

THE WELL  (Room 116) This class is made up mostly of young adults starting out with young families.  They use short term studies by popular Christian authors.  “The Well” begins at 9:30am since many of the participants are dropping off children on their way to class.

FRIENDSHIP (Community Room) Men and women aged 50+ who engage in the Adult Bible Studies material. They hold quarterly social events and are engaged in community service.

SEEKERS (Room 113) Men and women aged 35+ who use biblically based materials to grow in their faith. They hold regular social and service projects.

SENTER FELLOWSHIP (Room 104/105) Couples and singles, aged 55+, who use the Adult Bible Studies. They have numerous social events and are active with mission and community projects.