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Donate: Stained Glass Windows

We are blessed to worship in such a beautiful sanctuary and to enjoy today these stained-glass windows given to us by another generation of Christians. The windows do not only represent the history of our church, but the shared history of our town. They have shone and proclaimed the Gospel to multiple generations of Morristown folks. They have called our city to faith and hope and worship for a long time now. How wonderful.

Mike Preston and our Trustees told me that the very same company that painstakingly stained, cut, and puzzled together the glasses 120 years ago has been conscripted to now restore the windows. Isn’t that fascinating. You see, we have been told that if we, this generation of Morristown Methodists, do not act to restore the windows, the windows will not be here for the next generation to enjoy. They are beginning to buckle and pull away from the frames and intricate lead edging that has held them in place for so long. The price tag to restore the windows is high, but if we leave the work for another time, those windows that have inspired so many people throughout so much history may not be here. I pray that everyone who worships at First, and I hope that many of our fellow Morristown neighbors who recognize their value to our city, will join our campaign to preserve these treasured windows for future generations of East Tennesseans.